Fonte Xenophobia Nominal

Esta fonte foi postada em 09 May 2015 e é chamada fonte "Xenophobia Nominal". Esta fonte está no estilo nominal. Você pode encontrar mais de 10 outras fontes nominal no Fontsup. Você pode encontrar abaixo mais informações sobre isso. Se você tiver alguma fonte legal para nós, conecte-se e compartilhe-as.
Fonte Xenophobia Nominal
Família da fonte: Xenophobia Estilo: Nominal Categoria: Sistema operacional: Windows, Mac OS Tamanho do arquivo: 30.82KB Adicionada: 2015-05-09 18:04:44 Visualizações: 2144 Downloads: 150 Downloads de hoje: 140 Autor: Joiro Hatagaya Version: 1.6 | 02.01.2000
mailto:[email protected] Greetings, font fans!

I hope you like this font - many hours have gone into creating it and many more into improving it. Just like all of my fonts it's hand-made (and not traced) inside the font editor and triple (well, actually more) checked for any unnecessary points or wrong curves. When you get a font by Joiro Hatagaya you can expect quality - on screen and on paper. Hey, maybe I should make that a slogan? ;)

If you really like this font and would like to see more clipart, improved geometry and other improvements in this font and make me happy as well there is a way... One problem while creating this font was extreme lack of any material. I managed to get some pictures from the Internet, but those were low-res and not really too high quality. If you could send me any ALIENS related articles I would be extremely grateful and also have some nice examples for the font. It would be great if someone could send me any of the soundtrack CDs - music is great for inspiration and somehow boosts productivity. If you think that I'm just a greedy bastard trying to get stuff for free don't send anything - nobody is forcing you. But I just hope that a system based on gratitude instead of paying for something can work. You can get my address by sending me an e-mail.

PS. Despite what some people say Weyland Yutani logo can be seen in the standard edition of ALIENS, but only for about 1/5 of a second. We recently had ALIENS on TV and I was sitting there with my sketchboard (but unfortunately missed the title) and watching closely for any logos to put in the font and then I saw the WY one - it was on one of the walls. I sketched it right away and now it's here in the font. Enjoy!
Free for non-commercial uses. Modifying (except conversion for other systems) not allowed.
Fonte Xenophobia Nominal

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