Paint Cans schriftarten

Diese Schriftart wurde am 08 May 2015 veröffentlicht und heißt Paint Cans. Diese Schriftart zählt zur Stilrichtung regular. Auf finden Sie über 79364 weitere Schriftarten in der Stilrichtung regular. Diese Schriftart zählt zur Kategorie graffiti. Sie können mehr graffiti Schriftarten finden. Weitere Informationen hierzu finden Sie weiter unten. Haben auch Sie eine coole Schriftart für uns? Dann melden Sie sich an und teilen Sie sie mit uns!
Paint Cans Schriftarten
Schriftfamilie: Paint Cans Stil: Regular Kategorie: Graffiti Betriebssystem: Windows, Mac OS Dateigröße: 256.364KB Hinzugefügt: 2015-05-08 17:57:04 Ansichten: 19224 Downloads: 3909 Heute Downloads: 3827 Autor: Matthew Napolitano / Highground Industries Lizenz: personal use Version: 001.000 Standort: PaintCans is a trademark of . Matthew Napolitano / Highground Industries This font and all original glyphs within are © copyright 2003 Matthew Napolitano / Highground Industries. Unauthorized duplication or distribution is a violation of U.S. & international law. For more information please visit

By purchasing and installing fonts from the Highground Graffiti Font collection you agree to the following terms of use and to avoid any use of the fonts that would constitute copyright / trademark infringement or violation of intellectual
property laws.

You May (for example)

1.) You (1 person) may install the font files on 1 CPU for personal or commercial use such as graphic and web design, t-shirts, tattoos & more.

2.) You may publish artwork created with these fonts on the web or printed media as long as the font files are not embedded in any of your digital files.

3.) You may create logos and other artwork that can be copyrighted as original works if there are sufficient modifications to warrent a copyright. (Each font file is a ©registered copyright of Highground)

You May not

1.) You may not redistribute any Highground font files or copies thereof in any way or under any other name.

2.) You may not load any Highground font files to any web server or local network server with more than 3 workstations without advance written consent from Highground Industries.

3.) You may not modify any Highground font file using font authoring software or any other means and share the file in any way.

4.) You may not embed any Highground font into any other software application or distribute any derivative tangible or intangible product.

5.) You may not include or embed these letterforms into other fonts, Photoshop? Brushes or Fills, Clip-art for redistribution, software applications, or any other package or device that would allow a user to access our original glyphs without first purchasing the appropriate license from Highground.
Limited commercial use license

Thank you for downloading the free version of this official Graffiti Font?. An enhanced
version of this font with an unrestricted, royalty free commercial use license is available
at for only $10.00.

With this free download you are entitled to utilize this font for any non-commercial,
private use.

You are also entitled to limited commercial use as follows:

You may not publish or embed this font in any application, electronic game, mobile app, web app or software of any kind without first purchasing the commercial license.

You may not use this font in any print product manufactured in any quantity over 100
without purchasing the commercial license.

You may not use this font in commercial design work for a third party without purchasing
the commercial license. In other words you can do graphics for yourself & your company
but not paid work for clients. You must purchase a commercial license for this.
Paint Cans Schriftarten

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