Altera - Regular fuentes

Esta fuente fue publicada el 05 May 2015 y se denomina Altera - Regular. Esta fuente está en estilo regular. Puedes encontrar más de 79318 fuentes de estilo regular más en Fontsup. Esta fuente pertenece a la categoría de fuentes sans serif. Puede encontrar más fuentes sans serif. Puedes encontrar más información sobre este tema a continuación. Si tienes cualquier fuente genial para nosotros, inicia sesión y compártelas.
Altera - Regular Fuentes
Familia tipográfica: Altera Estilo: Regular Categoría: Sans Serif Sistema operativo: Windows, Mac OS Tamaño del archivo: 27.016KB Adicional: 2015-05-05 19:53:47 Puntos de vista: 863 Descargas: 56 Descargas hoy: 25 Autor: Jacob King Licencia: personal use Jacob King By downloading this typeface you agree to the conditions laid out below (a copy of which can also be found at ). This typeface can only be used in personal projects ( i.e. work done purely for enjoyment) and not for profit work (i.e. pro bono design work). This typeface can not be used in works in which the designer, author or user has received a commission for their services, or works in which the designer, author or user intends to generate any amount of income (i.e self promotion, identity work etc.) unless it is being used in strictly not for profit projects. By downloading you agree to the condition that the downloaded typeface cannot in anyway be redistributed, sold, or modified. If you wish to do so you must first receive express permission from the author (Jacob King). By downloading this you agree to the terms that you will not hold the author (Jacob King) responsible for any adverse or negative effects of installing and/or using this software. You are personally held responsible and accountable for any use to which you put the typeface. Jacob King holds the original copyright of the typeface.
Altera - Regular Fuentes
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