Aboriginebats 1 polices

Cette police a été publiée le 05 May 2015 et s'appelle Aboriginebats 1. Cette police est dans le style regular. Vous pouvez trouver plus de 79318 autres polices regular sur Fontsup. Vous pouvez trouver plus d'informations ci-dessous. Si vous avez des polices sympas pour nous, connectez-vous et partagez-les.
Aboriginebats 1 Polices
Famille de polices: Aboriginebats 1 Style: Regular Catégorie: Système opérateur: Windows, Mac OS Taille du fichier: 223.496KB Ajoutée: 2015-05-05 19:22:03 Vues: 203 Téléchargements: 9 Aujourd'hui téléchargements: 2 Auteur: Chris Brown Version: Shareware V1 - [email protected]
Company: Chris Brown (visual design) mailto:[email protected] cwfb ABORIGINEBATS 1 is a symbol font featuring artwork from Australia's indiginous nomadic people, the Aborigines.
They draw inspiration from the dreamtime and the the wide brown land we affectionately call the sunburnt country.
This font is one of two in the ABORIGINE family, the other set is ABORIGINEBATS 2.
ABORIGINEBATS 1 was made by Chris Brown (visual design)

It is not FREE, it is SHAREWARE.
If required to use commercially, please email first.
Chris Brown ([email protected])
A license fee is applicable.

ABORIGINEBATS 1 is not in the public domain and remains
the exclusive property of Chris Brown.

ABORIGINEBATS 1 may not be redistributed in any way. That is:
it may not be distributed commercially, it may not be sold,
it may not be included on any form saleable package,
it may not be converted or renamed,
it may not be made available for download without
the express written permission of Chris Brown.

Chris Brown shall, in no event, be liable for any
damages arising out of the use of this font.

Remember ABORIGINEBATS 1 is not free, it is shareware.
mailto:[email protected]
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Aboriginebats 1 Polices

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